Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 24 - Inspired by A TV Show

These nails are an off shoot of yesterday's theme geekdom theme. While I was deciding what to do for that prompt Game of Thrones popped into my head. But I decided to tuck it away for today's Inspired by a TV Show prompt. I am a huge GOT fan. More the books than the show honestly, but the show is awesome. It's so well done and I love the fact that the writers have for the most part stayed true to the books. I'm looking at you True Blood. 

I decided to have each nail represent a "house" . My index is the House of Lannister, middle finger is the House of Stark, ring finger is Targaryen, my pinky is Baratheon and the GOT logo is on my thumb. I used a acrylic paint for all the details. Here is a list of the polishes I used as my base colors:

China Glaze Elephant Walk
Sinful Colors Snow Me White
China Glaze Adventure Red-y
Sinful Colors Black on Black

Do any of you watch Game of Thrones? If so, who are your favorite characters? Mine are Daenarys and Jon Snow!