Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 22 - Inspired By A Movie

Happy first day of Fall everyone! I knew it was officially fall when I woke up this morning with a massive sinus headache and congestion. Honestly  I am just happy that I was able to finish today's post. I seriously was sneezing so badly while I was doing my nails that I am shocked they don't look like a Rorschach test. 

 I thought I would have a hard time coming up with inspiration for today but it took me literally five minutes to come up with something. Clueless is one of my all-time favorite movies. I used to watch it over and over and I still know every single line in the film by heart to this day. The truth is, I was Cher. I wasn't rich, or ditsy or Alicia Silverstone, but the fashion? That was how I dressed every single day when I was a teenager. I was obsessed with plaid. I even - like Cher- had a plaid suit. Mine was from the teen clothing store 5,7,9 and was hunter green plaid. Looking back I realize that I probably resembled a Leprechaun. But a really well-dress one!

I started with three thin coats of The Balm Hella Yella. Once dry I used my striping brush and painted on the plaid stripes using Julep Meryl, China Glaze Elephant Walk, and Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Not a hundred percent happy with this but was I going to miss a day in the challenge just because of my sinuses? As if!