Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 18 - YouTube Tutorial

Happy, happy hump day folks! Today's prompt is Youtube Tutorial. I skimmed Youtube a coupe of days in advance to get a good idea of what I wanted to do and settled on this tutorial by Simple Nail Art Designs. I thought it would be a good chance to try something "tribal-like" without having to go whole hog with it. Plus it would give me a chance to work on my freehand which I am always trying to improve. I was all excited when I got home last night and sat down to do this. Except for one thing: after a long busy day at work my brain was all like, "ergkedonailartwhat?" I had a serious brain fart on this one and wound up redoing a couple of nails - more than once. Oy. It was excruciating. So I broke down and pulled out something that I haven't used in nearly a year. 

Acrylic paint! I always think it's really cool when bloggers use acrylic paint for their designs but I like to make things hard on myself and use nail polish for all of my designs. But it just was not working for this one. Once I admitted this to myself and busted out the white acrylic paint things went much smoother for me. I wound up having pretty much all of the colors used in the video except the glitter. I used for the base color Essie Lady Like and for the glitter instead of using LA Colors Silver Glitter Nail Art Pen, I used LA Colors Gold Glitter Nail Art Pen.  I actually think I like the gold better as the accent color with Lady Like. 

This is such a pretty nail design so despite the hiccups I had with it I am really happy to have gotten a chance to try it out! 

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