Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 17 - Cinderella Hand

Okay, so you're probably thinking, "What the hell is a Cinderella hand?" Is it Cinderella themed nail art? A picture of the Disney princess herself? Or merely a vague reference to the much-beloved film? Well, yes and no. A "Cinderella" hand is the hand that does all the work gets none of the glory. The hand that is kept from the spotlight. Like Cinderella! I first heard this term on Instagram when a bunch of blogger gals were tagging each other to show their non-dominant hand or the hand that never gets photographed. I thought it was such a clever idea that I decided to borrow it for this challenge. And so here she is folks...my right hand!! Applause and screams of horror commence!

I did actual nail art and everything on this hand! The nails on this hand are much shorter than on my left hand at the moment. I had a bad break on mi index finger and decided to just cut them all down. I left my left hand alone since I didn't feel that it deserved to be punished just because it's partner had a bad break! It's funny because when I first started blogging all I did was photograph my right hand. For some reason it didn't occur to me to make things easier on myself and just photograph my non-dominant hand until some months my first few posts. Now I am thoroughly out of practice with posing my hand. It felt like trying to make a lobster claw look pretty!

We had a board meeting at work so I couldn't do anything to wild and crazy. I opted to some subtle stamping. I started with two coats of China Glaze Seaspray. I then used BM Plate 322 and Wet N' Wild Metallica for the stamping design.

I got a ton of compliments on this at work today. This was my first time using this stamping image and I love it! This turned out exactly how I wanted; soft and subtle yet still visible. Now of course I had to show you what my left hand looks like because well, I just do. I still have my long nails on that hand and I think the design looks better on the longer nails. 

My poor Cinderella hand still having to share the spotlight... 

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