Quirky 31 Day Challenge Day 12 - Double Stamping

Ola mon amis! I am mixing my languages there, I know. We are on Day 12 of the Challenge and today's prompt is Double Stamping. I love the look of double stamping but very rarely do it so I was interested in seeing what I could come up with. I am about ninety percent happy with the end result which is par for the course for me when it comes to stamping. Stamping and me have a love hate relationship. We squabble quite a bit. I will call today's nails a draw.

For my double stamping adventure I used BM plates 310 and 315. I wanted to use a polish that I don't use often so I reached to the back of my Butter London stash and grabbed Artful Dodger. Why don't I use this color more often?! I kept thinking that as I painted my nails with it and ooohed and ahhhed. Such a pretty dusky slate blue! Once dry, I used Sinful Colors Black on Black for my stamping. 

I love the birds in this look, though some wound up looking like roosters or bats. Oh, well. Not perfect but still pretty!