Polishnv - Blue Marshmallow and Fun In The Sun

*Items in this post were provided for my honest review

I have been a bad blogger. I promised you all these swatches a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting (hangs head in shame). I've just been so busy. And the as some sort awful Murphy's Law joke every time I sat down to swatch these it would be cloudy and rainy. Kind of gets in the way when trying to swatch color-changing polish that changes in the sunlight. But alas, today is a new day and the polishes have been swatched for your viewing pleasure!

Blue Marshmallow is a soft off-white cream with bits of lavender and green glitter. This polish changes to a light blue when exposed to cold. It was ironically boiling hot that day so I had to stick my hand in the freezer to get the full effect.
The effect on this one is...subtle. I could see the change but it wasn't immediately obvious. I sat my hand in the freezer for nearly a minute to see if it would get any darker but no dice. I still really like the color it changes into. It leans more towards lavender than blue. I used two coats for the pics and no top coat.

Fun In The Sun is a sheer milky off-white base with bits of red, blue, silver and yellow glitter. This is meant to change color in sunlight to pink. This is also the polish that held up my post since sunlight was an elusive thing here for about a week. When I saw the forecast for this week I excitedly painted my nails and wore this to work. 
Sooo...nothing really happened. I thrust my hand excitedly in the sun every chance I got and took pics with my phone as I walked home from work. Still nothing. I was super bummed since the pics I had seen showed this turning a bright bubble gum pink. The formula of this was also very sheer. I wound up using three and a half coats and as you can see I still had a bit of visible nail line. I used no top coat since I didn't want it to effect the color-changing process. 
Of the trio of polishes from Polishnv Fe's Chameleon is the champ in my opinion. A gorgeous purple/blue holo that changes color in cold and warm. Polishnv is sold on Etsy and retails for $9.