La Vita è Bella Nail Decals

*Items in this post were provided for my honest review
Happy Saturday all! As you read this I will be attending the wedding rehearsal of my close friend's weddings! I am a reader in the ceremony. I remember when she first got engaged and it's crazy to think that the wedding is already here. Today's post makes me think of her. She and I actually drooled over these decals together. Nicole at Lavita e Bella was kind enough to send me a few to try out! 

I love pop art and Marilyn Monroe so this set was the one I was the most excited about trying out. It features Andy Warhol bananas, Campbell's Soup Cans and of course, Miss Marilyn. I was being a bit of a rebel when I first sat down to try these out. The instructions clearly stated to paint your nails with a light or pale color. So what do I paint my nails with? Teal green. Yup that was a genius moment for me. After I whined about how dark the decals were against the color my mother, who watched this comedy of errors play out politely picked up the instructions and read them to me. Again. So I started all over and painted my nails with American Apparel Coney Island. A pale pink. Lesson learned.

For the most part the decals applied nicely. The bananas and soup cans were a breeze but I did have a few issues with Marilyn. I used the largest Marilyn decal on the sheet and she did not want to lie completely flat on my nail. I had some issues with wrinkles which led to air bubbles when I applied my top coat. But I had no issues with the smaller sizes which I tried out on my right hand. These decals are very delicate as well. My Seche Vite top coat kind of ate away at the edges of my soup cans and Marilyn unfortunately. Next time I use these I will use a less heavy duty top coat. 
Overall I am actually pretty impressed with these. The detailing on the decals is amazing. There is a bit of trial and error involved with using them but now that I've figured it out I think it will be smooth sailing.  I have a few other sets that include tea cups, cupcakes and cats with bows. Oh, my! I have to admit I'm really loving nail decals at the moment. I don't think they would ever replace my love of freehand nail art but, they are a fun and relatively easy and quick alternative. Especially if your freehand skills aren't the best. 
I highly recommend checking out La Vita e Bella's Etsy store. There are so many amazing designs to choose from from toile print decals (!) to Lichtenstein-inspired to Vintage pin-up decals (yes, please!). The decals are super affordable at $4.50 each (40 per decals per sheet).