Polishnv - Fe's Chameleon

*Items in this post were provided for my honest review
Happy Monday all! Can you believe we are in the last week of August? It feels like Summer just started and now it's over. I typically get a bit bummed out at the end of Summer, but then I remember how much I love boots and that cheers me up- kind of. Today I have a polish from Polishnv to share with you. I have been really intrigued with color-changing polish lately. It seems to be everywhere, so I was really excited to finally try some out. This is the first of three polish I will be sharing with you from Polishnv, all of the are color-changing! 

Fe's Chameleon is a temperature based color shifting polish. According to the description it starts off as a dusty purple and turns to icy blue. My apartment was pretty warm the day I swatched this so the color-shift went backwards for me -ha! The formula is on the sheer side, so I needed three coats for opacity. You can still see a bit of nail line even with three coats. Next time I wear this I will do four coats.
I dipped my hand in cold water to being the color change magic. Here is a pic as it began to shift. 
...and here it is after it's completely changed to a gorgeous purple. It's like magic! The color change on this is pretty strong. While I was waiting for my nails to dry I walked around my apartment a bit and even then the polish would shift according the temp in the room. It was pretty cool to see!
Polishnv is sold on Etsy and retails for $9. There are some other really amazing color-changing polishes in the shop.  I will be showing you two more later this week so stay tuned for those!