Pastel Galaxy Nails

Happy Thursday gang!  Today's design has been something I've been wanting to try since I was a few different versions of it on Pinterest. I love galaxy nails. I think they are probably one of the easiest bits of nail art to do and they almost always come out looking amazing. But I've only done dark nails before. You can see the results of those here and here. The pastel version I think takes a bit more forethought as far as color choices go but I would daresay that these are my favorite galaxies that I've ever done!

I used along list of polishes for this so I'll just em':

American Apparel The Valley (base color)
American Apparel Coney Island
Sally Hansen White Out
China Glaze Def Defying
Sinful Colors Sugar N' Spice
Sinful Colors Unicorn
Wet N' Wild Kaleidoscope

I applied each color using a makeup sponge. I added the stars using my dotting tool and then added a coat of Kaleidoscope for some sparkle. I actually think I preferred the way this looked without the glitter top coat. It was a little flat but kind of cool looking. I feel really weird typing that since I usually think Kaleidoscope makes every mani better!

I'm loving the way these turned out and now I'm thinking of other fun color combos to try out. Neon galaxy nails, perhaps?