Orly Frolic

Hi gang, happy Tuesday. The polish for your viewing pleasure today is something that I picked up over the weekend. I was supposed to only be picking up acetone and base coat at my local nail supply shop- but of course I walked out with a few bottles of polish as well because they are there and they are shiny and pretty. One of the colors I picked up is the beauty, Orly Frolic. I bought this on Saturday painted my nails with it on Sunday and am still wearing it this morning. An indication that I really like a color is if I wear it longer than 24 hours. 

Let me start off by saying that this polish was a real PITA to photograph. Seriously. I must have taken over 50 pictures. Direct light, indirect light, upside down, right side up. And in each one I could never quite get it to look exactly like it does in real life. And I suck at color correction so I will describe it for you: It's bright just like in my pics. But has a more purple tint to it. Think neon fuchsia/purple. The formula of Frolic is fantastic. Smooth; no dragging or streaks and is opaque in once coat. I used tow for pics but you can definitely get away with just one. It dries to a slightly matte or rubbery finish which is pretty. But I like it better with top coat.