Nautical Nail Decals with Essie After School Boy Blazer

Hey gang. Yesterday I posted swatches of Essie After School Boy Blazer and teased the awesome nail art that I did with it. I ordered a few things from Born Pretty Store and one of them were these nail decals. A clear sign that I really like what's on my nails is the length of time I wear it. Usually two days is a lot for me and then I get bored and need to switch it up. Today's nails I've been wearing since Sunday. That's right  4 whole days. I changed them last night but that was only because I chipped one while at work. I seriously heart these! 

These were really easy to apply. I simply cut them out, removed the protective cover, dipped them in water for about 20 seconds and then applied them to my nails. I lightly blotted the decals to remove any excess water and applied my top coat.

How cute are these?! I am sucker for anything nautical. This set is currently on sale at Born Pretty Store for only $1.26. They offer free worldwide shipping as well. Be sure to use my coupon code PSL91 to save an additional 10% off your order.