KKCenterHK Review - Circle Blue Green Glitter

*Item in this post were provided for my honest review
Happy Sunday folks! I have another review for you today from KKCenterHK for their Circle Green and Blue Glitter. I have had my eye on circle glitter for awhile so I was really excited to finally try some out. I chose this blue-green color because I love green and I loved the gorgeous color shift these have.
Once I got my hand on these I kind of drew a blank on what to do with them. They are rather large so you can't really use them like you would smaller "glequins". I decided to just sit down and improvise and see what happened. The end result came out pretty cool looking I think. I started by painting all my nails with Essence Black is Back. I then added Sinful Colors Green Ocean on my index and ring fingers and halfway down my other fingers creating a "half and half" look.
 For some reason the glitter and my tweezers did not get along. After a few failed attempts at fishing them out of the little pot they come in, I decided to go gangster on them and just use the pads of my fingers to pick them up and apply them. Worked like a charm! I then just used the back of my tweezers to gently tap them into place. I added a coat of Seche Vite to keep the little guys in place.
Over all I like these. I do still find the size a bit cumbersome but I like what I was able to do with them. I think I am just used to small glitter pieces for nail art. This particular color is so beautiful that I definitely want to try and think of a few ways to incorporate them again in nail art.
KKCenterHK sells the Circle glitters for $8 a pot. They come in tons of other colors so if you like the look of these but not the color you have options.