July Haul

*Items in this post were provided for my honest review
It's haul time gang! Have lots of gorgeous shinies to show you. My July haul was in my opinion, modest. I've been really trying to watch my spending and have been attempting to only buy items from my wish list and minimize my impulse purchases. I did splurge a little on two polishes but they were my belated b-day gifts to myself so I get a pass on those!
American Apparel Coney Island, Peacock and Pinto. Got these for crazy cheap on eBay. Three more I can scratch off my long wish list of AA polishes.
Avon Cosmic Starlight, Eclipse and Saturn. Gorgeous holos that I got for half price. It is really awesome having an Avon lady! 
Orly Miss Conduct, Fowl Play and Sparkling Garbage. Finally decided to scratch Fowl Play off my wish list. Picked up Miss Conduct as well because it's gorgeous. Sparkling Garbage I am on the fence about. Trying to decide if I want to include it in an upcoming giveaway or keep it for myself! Right now it sits untouched in my polish drawer.

Mentality Tempest and Crow's Toes Heartshaped Box of Hors@$!. Tempest was an impulse buy- but totally worth it! HBH has been on my wishlist for awhile and found it for super cheap in a blog sale. Hooray for blog sales!

Shimmer Karen, Nichole, Jasmine. Cindy at Shimmer Polish was kind enough to send my a bunch of polishes to review. This I feel is kind of an embarrassment of riches because all of these polishes are so gorgeous! Still have all of the below to swatch and show you guys.
Shimmer Tracy, Marilyn and Tammy.
Shimmer Julie, Rochelle, Leslie and Jennifer (not pictured).

Sweetheart Polish Iceland and Seeing Stars. The lovely Cassandra of Sweetheart Polish sent me these to review. Super cute!
And finally my splurges for July:

And that concludes July's haul. Not too crazy but I did get to scratch some longtime lemmings off my list which is great!