Jamberry Nail Shields Review - Mint and Stripes Skittlette

*Items in this post were provided for my honest review
Hello lover-lies! Today I have a review of Jamberry Nail Shields to share with you. As I have stated before I am not really a nail polish strips/shields kind of girl. I used to be back before I started doing my own nail art but since then not so much. But I was curious about how Jamberry Shields actually work since they are not actually nail polish. They are vinyl-based and are said to last up to two weeks. Intriguing, right? Click read more for my full review and more pics!

I decided to do a cute skittlette design with the shields. For my index, pinky and thumb I used Essence You Belong To Me and applied some cute black stones. As you can see from the pics I had some issues with buckling and smoothing out of the shields. I followed the instructions and heated the shields for 5-10 seconds with a blow dryer. They applied easier than I expected them to which I was impressed by and I was able to readjust the shield until I was happy with it's placement. But things went a bit pear-shaped when I went to smooth the shield out and cut off  and file down the excess. The shields started to buckle at the tips and around the sides and I could not get them to completely smooth out. 

Here is a quick Pro vs Con round up:
Great if you are nail art challenged. Jamberry has over 300 designs to choose from and the patterns themselves are high quality.
 I personally don't wear anything that long so I can't attest to the longevity, but I have read other reviews from those who have worn the shields for a fair amount of time and say they are great for travel and longtime wear.
Not nail polish so they are less delicate and less prone to ripping. You can also readjust them.
You can save your unused shields! This I think is pretty awesome because with polish- based strips one you open the pack it's over. Any leftovers just dry out. These stay nice and fresh!
 A bit time intensive since you need to heat them up before using which you don't have to do with nail polish strips.
Need a bit of practice to get them right. 
The caveat to them not being real nail polish is that they aren't as thin as nail polish strip so any buckling or ripples are harder to smooth out.
So my verdict? I say give them a shot if you are looking for something fun and with long wear time or don't quite have the skill set for nail art. Alisha Pierce was my Jamberry contact and is available if you want to place an order or ask a question. Listed below is her contact info:
Alisha Pierce
Independent Consultant Jamberry Nails - Senior Team Manager