Favorites: My New Secret Weapon

 A little while ago I wrote a post about the 7 items every polish addict should own. I talked about my go-to cuticle balm and remover. Well a few weeks after that I found myself in a pinch and didn't have my cuticle balm that I normally use throughout my workday to keep my cuticles moisturized. I wash my hands a lot during my workday since I come into contact with a lot of people and touch a lot of different things. As we all know, offices are cesspools for germs! When I got home my cuticles were dry. Like, crazy dry. I knew my normal balm probably wasn't going to give them the major dose of moisture they needed.  And then something caught my eye. It was sitting on top of my dresser with the rest of my beauty products. Out of desperation I grabbed it and slathered it on my sad, parched cuticles. What was this mystery item you ask? Petroleum jelly!

Photo courtesy of Expert Clinic

 I have used petroleum jelly for years for everything from taking off my eye makeup, to lip balm  to moisturizing the skin around my eyes during the harsh winter months. But for some reason it never occurred to me to use it as a cuticle balm. But really it's perfect when you look at the properties in petroleum jelly and what it is designed to do. Let's get scientific: Petroleum jelly is an odorless semi-solid made up of a fat mixture of hydrocarbons. The gel -like formula of petroleum jelly actually work to fill the gaps in skin cell and keep them hydrated. There is far more cool scientific mumbo jumbo you can read here and here about it.

I have been using it on my cuticles for the past month now and they have never looked or felt better. I use it twice a day: once in the morning before I go to work and once in the evening before I go to bed. I used to have to apply my cuticle balm pretty much after every hand wash. I still use hand lotion and I still push my cuticles back once a day. But that's about it. I haven't had to reach for my cuticle remover either!  I wanted to share this with you guys because I think it's such a simple- and cheap!- way to take care of your cuticles. It's something that pretty much everyone has a jar of lying around. I get mine from the local dollar store. A jar lasts me anywhere from 6-8 months. 

What are some of your favorite ways to use petroleum jelly?