Essie After School Boy Blazer

Hi lovelies! So, were any of you as disappointed with Essie's Spring and Summer collections as I was? Not that the colors were awful. Quite the contrary; they were bright and gorgeous and on trend. But the formulas?! Not so much. I read and heard so many bad things about those collections that the only polish I wound up buying was Naughty Nautical, which had a good formula. I was curious to see what Essie would do for fall. I feel like fall and winter are their seasons. They usually knock it out of the park in the darks, reds, and neutral departments. I saw the press releases and pics for the Fall's collection and I thought, "Okay, not ground-breaking, but a solid collection." I decided to pick up one of the colors and see how I felt about it. I'm a sucker for a good navy blue so After School Boy Blazer really stood out for me.

Navy blues can be hard to do. They are either not true navy blues or translate as black on the nail. My personal favorite up to now was Bondi Midnight Mystery. ASBB does a great job on this point. It's a really great true navy blue cream. Formula-wise it was awesome. Smooth application with no streaks or dragging. And it was completely opaque in one coat. I used two but I really didn't need it. The finish is nice and shiny though I did use top coat for the pics. 

I think Essie may have redeemed themselves in my eyes on this one. I feel like I will reach for this polish a lot. I love navy blue as a base color for nail art and I got some really cool decals from Born Pretty Store last week that I applied over this on Sunday. They came out really cool looking. Will be posting those pics tomorrow!