Comparison: American Apparel Cotton vs. Lime Crime Milky Ways

TGIF folks! Does anyone have any fun plans for the weekend? My company is holding their annual summer outing on Saturday so that's what I will be doing. I plan all of my companies' events so they never feel that relaxing for me unfortunately.Today, I have a comparison for you of American Apparel Cotton and Lime Crime Milky Ways. When I first purchased these I really had no idea that they were this similar (but not the same haha!) until I was painting my nails with Cotton one day and thought, "Huh...this kind of looks like Milky Ways..." So I'm finally getting around to doing a comparison of them. I'm trying to not procrastinate so much when it comes to posts like these.They're actually a lot of fun to do once I get around to them! Check out the comparison pics after the jump!

As you can see they are very similar. But definitely not dupes. Milky Ways has a light pink tint to it that sets it apart. It is not as noticeable in indirect light but in direct light the pink tint looks very different from Cotton. Cotton is a true cream. It is sort of an soft off-white cousin to Essie Marshmallow. Formula-wise these are very different. Milky Ways is really tricky to apply and prone to streakiness. But it is a fabulous color so I put up with it. Cotton's formula is great. It's on the thin side but applies smoothly and is self-leveling.

So do you need both in your stash? I say yes. They are just different enough to justify owning both. Price wise Cotton is a few bucks cheaper at $6. Milky Ways retails for $8