Artsy Wednesday - Blue Tie Dye Nails

Hi all! It's Wednesday again and this week's Artsy Wednesday theme is "blue". My original design idea didn't really pan out - it was far better in my head than it looked during execution- so I scrapped and came up with this design on the fly. 

I already had my nails painted with Sally Hansen White Out, so I grabbed a makeup sponge and cut it into pieces. For the spongient (part gradient; part sponge??) I used The Balm Hot Ticket Sky Blue Right Past Me and China Glaze Manhunt. I kept sponging and layering the colors until I was happy with how they looked. I then added a coat of my favorite sparkly topper, Wet N' Wild Kaleidoscope

I wasn't sure how I felt about this design at first but it's grown on me. The glittery topper took it to another level otherwise I think it would have been pretty blah. 

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