They're Not The Same. They're Similar - Battle of the Reds

Okay, so I've been a bad blogger when it comes to this series. I was originally supposed to post this in June but like a cat, kept getting distracted by shiny objects. Better late than never, right? Today's contenders are all classic red creams. Check out the pics and "battle" after the jump!

Photo courtesy of Elsa at Like a Candy Shop

For this comparison I used two coats of each polish with one coat of top coat. Polishes are Butter London Pillar Box Red (index finger), China Glaze Adventure Red-y (middle finger), Sally Hansen Right Said Red (ring finger) and Revlon Red (on pinky).

Round 1 - Color. Adventure Red-y is the darkest of the bunch. In the bottle the difference is not that noticeable but on the nail it is a full shade darker. My camera for some reason wanted to read all of these as rather light. The lightest of the bunch is Right Said Red. Revlon Red and PIllar Box Red are the closest in color, though RR is a smidge darker.
Winner - Adventure Red-y. AR Wins this round because it is so rich looking on the nail. It's more of a vampy red than the others which I really love.
Round 2 - Formula and Application. The formulas on all of these were fairly different. I found Revlon Red to be the thickest and Right Said Red to be the thinnest. RSR was positively runny and the wide Sally Hansen brush coupled with the formula made it a pain to apply. Even with two coats I had visible nail line. Me no likey! AR and PBR were the easiest to apply; nice and smooth and opaque. 
Winner - Tie! Adventure Red-y and Pillar Box Red.

Round 3 - Price. Revlon $, Sally Hansen $$, China Glaze $$, Butter London $$$ 
This round is rather subjective. All of the price points vary and it really depends on what you are comfortable spending. Revlon is definitely the most affordable and isn't a bad option if you don't want to spend a lot of cash on a basic color like a red cream. It is the main reason I purchased it long ago when it was the one and only red cream in my stash. 
So who wins this battle?? Drum roll please...!
China Glaze Adventure Red-y!! A mid-range price point with a great formula and color? Can't beat that!!
Do you own one or more of these polishes? If so, which one is your personal fave? Stay tuned for more battles! And I will try not to be so late about it next time!