My Favorites: Favorite Polish Bottles

Hi lovelies! Today is the first post of a new series on the blog called, "My Favorites". Most of the posts will be polish-related but some may be about other fun things like makeup, clothes or even TV shows that I love. Today's post was sparked by Pointless Cafe's question about bottle brushes. I don't really have any serious favorites regarding bottles brushes (though there are definitely some that I hate), but I do have my favorite polish bottles. I think every nail polish fanatic does. Those bottles that we just feel are pretty or simply fit nicely in our storage. Check out my picks after the jump!

 American Apparel L'Esprit

1. American Apparel. Okay, you all know how I'm kind of obsessed with this polish brand in general. I love, love, love it. It's the only brand of polish that I seriously am working on owning every single bottle of. Seriously. I'm about 25% there at this point. I just bought three bottles last week. Outside of loving the classic colors and great formula I love the sleek simplicity of the bottles. They are compact, clean and crisp. I love that I can fit them close together in my storage drawer and they take up a minimal amount of space. I love the cool retro logo on the front as well. The square shape isn't unwieldy or topple-prone either which is awesome.

Butter London Slapper

2. My second favorite is Butter London. I love it for a lot of the same reasons I love AA bottles. The clean crisp lines of it and the fact that I can fit them in my storage drawers so easily. What I also love is the top. The square - removable, very key! - top. I own other polishes with square tops where the brush is attached directly to the top and it's just plain annoying. I love that I can take off the BL top and have a regular round cap where the brush is attached. And again, the square shape isn't unwieldy or topple-prone.

Deborah Lippmann Glitter in The Air

3. This one is for looks. The Deborah Lippmann bottle is just plain purty. They don't look like anything else out there right now. And I think for the rather high price point that is a good thing. The shape is so modern and cool and yet still very elegant. Now, these bad boys are not fun to store. They slide all over the place and don't line up very well. But I don't mind. I liken them to a great pair of high heels that hurt your feet but your would never stop wearing or get rid of. It's the price of beauty.

What are some of your favorite polish bottles? Are there any that you absolutely just don't like? Would love to here your thoughts!