KKCenterHK Review - Lace Pattern Stamping Plate and Stamp & Scraper Kit

*Items in this post were provided for my honest review
Hello lacquerheads! Today I have a review of a stamping plate and stamper and scraper set from KKCenterHK. I have seen so many great designs by other bloggers using their products but this is my first time trying them out. I really wanted to try one of their stamping plates; they had a ton of fun images to choose from but the plate I chose was the Disney Snow White Princess Lace Pattern Stamp. The images were too adorable to resist. They were also kind enough to provide me with their double-sided stamper and iron scraper to try along with the plate.
First off let me just gush over how adorable the actual plate is. It has two Snow White images and three  lace patterns. I was sorely tempted to use the Snow White image for this post but I'm saving it for an upcoming series involving some well-known princesses! Instead I opted to try out one of the pretty lace patterns. 
I started by painting my nails with two coats of China Glaze Elephant Walk. I added a coat of SV to speed up the drying process. Once completely dry I used Sally Hansen White Out and the double-sided stamper and scraper to apply the image to my nails. I was really impressed at how crisp the image was from the plate. It doesn't look particularly sharp when you look at it or touch it but I consistently got a great image transfer
The dual stamper is really great. I got crisp clean images on it and the pattern applied nicely onto the nail. The scraper was a bit of a bust for me. It didn't scrape the polish so much as smear it and I wound up having to reapply the polish and try again about two or three times before getting a clean image to stamp onto my nails. And I had to do this for each nail. That got annoying pretty fast.
I wound up having to double stamp the image since it wasn't quite wide enough for my nail. Once I was done stamping I applied Wet N' Wild Kaleidoscope and one last coat of SV. I realized after I was done with my nails that they looked very wintry. Which was really funny since it was about 90 degrees outside. I think it was my subconscious attempting to cool off- lol!
The Disney Snow White Lace Pattern Stamp retails for $5.05. The double sided stamp and scraper kit retails for $8. You can find both on the KKCenterHK website.