Born Pretty Store Nail Art Roll Foil Review

*Items in this post were sent to me for my honest review
Hey gang! How is everyone's week going so far? Mine is shaping up to be crazy busy. But I can't complain because all of it is good. Today I have for you a review of Nail Art Roll Foil  from Born Pretty Store. When I first saw pics of this I thought "Wow! I have to try those!" But quickly got intimidated as they seemed like a lot of work. So they sat for the last few weeks on my nail art desk. Last night, I finally got up the nerve (and energy) to try them out. I am so glad I did because they are awesome! And crazy easy to use!
The nail foils come in a little roll in a small plastic pot (see below photos). I followed the instructions on the Born Pretty website and began by painting my nails with my base color. I used one coat of American Apparel Hassid. The instructions say use two coats but Hassid is opaque after one and I'm a rebel. Once tacky, I simply cut a few small pieces from the roll and applied the foil in a "dabbing" motion.. I made the mistake at first of plcing the color side face down on the nail. Erk- wrong! The color side should be facing up in order for the color to transfer. A little counter-intuitive, I know. After that it was smooth sailing. It literally took me about ten minutes max to apply the foil on all ten nails.
Top coat is recommended after applying the foil. The foil is similar to glitter; it kind of eats your top coat.  I needed two coats to get a shiny glossy finish. 
 I am really impressed with these. They are super easy and fast to use and the end result looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it. I think I will reach for these when I need something of maximum impact with minimal effort. The foils come in 27 patterns and colors. I used #22 for my look. Each pot costs $2.99 and Born Pretty Store offers free shipping worldwide on all items with no minimum purchase. If you would like to try these out just click on the pic below to use my special discount code and save 10% off your entire order!