4th of July Nail Art and Tutorial

Hi all! Welcome to my very first tutorial! This is probably the thing that I have wanted to do the most since I started this blog, but is also the thing that scared me the most. I am not an expert by any means when it comes to nail art and so I always felt like who am I to teach anyone how to do stuff? But tutorials have been the number one requested item from you all and I didn't want to disappoint, so I decided to bitch-slap my fear and just do it! Check out the full tutorial after the jump!

Not only is this my first tutorial but this was also my first time doing a fishtail mani. I wanted to do stars and stripes but I didn't want to do the obvious literal flag and figured the fishtail would be a fun way to represent the stripes. 

What you will need:

Red, Blue, White and Silver Polish
I used China Glaze Manhunt, Sally Hansen White Out, Wet N' Wild Metallica and Butter London Pillar Box Red. I used a textured white polish for the stars (Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Sugar Fix), but this is optional. You can use just white cream polish.

A dotting tool. You can also use a bobby pin, the bottom of a pen or flat-head straight pen.

A small makeup brush or cotton swab and acetone for clean up.

1. Start by painting your index and middle finger silver and your ring and pinky blue. Allow to dry.

2. Using the brush bottles from the polish, paint a diagonal lines on the index and middle finger using your white polish. Once tacky paint another diagonal line with red in the opposite direction. Continues this weave pattern with the silver, white, red until you reach the tip of your nails. Don't worry about your lines being perfect since only part of each line will show.

3. Using your dotting tool create an outline of a star using the white cream or textured polish.  Once your outline is drawn fill in the star.

4. Cover your nails with top coat. If using textured polish for your stars skip the top coat on those fingers.

5. Use a small brush or cotton swab and acetone to clean up any polish around your cuticles.

I hope this tutorial is easy for you all to follow. I actually had a lot of fun doing this and now that it isn't so scary will definitely be doing more!

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