Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Cherry Drop and Sugar Fix

Hi all! I have more textured polish for your viewing pleasure. Sally Hansen has come out with their own line of textured cream polishes called, Sugar Coat. The colors are not ground-breaking; most of them are pastels. Pretty but I didn't feel compelled to buy any of them. But- they had three colors that really stood out for me. Colors that I haven't seen anyone else do in a cream textured finish: red, white and black! Seriously, how could so many companies drop the ball on such simple colors? I showed you the black, Lick-o-rich last week during 3D Nail Art Week. You can view it here

Cherry Drop is well, cherry red. No other way to describe it! It is very bright in person and I wasn't sure if I liked it when I first put it on. But it grew on me. The formula is on the thin side. I used two coats and could still see a hint of nail line. I think two and a half coats is what is needed for this color.

Sugar Fix. I was so excited when I saw this collection had a white polish in it! Next to black it is my second most coveted color for cream textured polish. Unfortunately, the formula did not live up to my expectations. The formula is really thin- too thin for a textured polish IMO. The first coat was very streaky and patchy and while the second coat remedied the streaks I still had a few patches that I had to go over and cover. I used two and half coats for the pics.

 I feel like these colors makes my hands look crazy tanned! My hands are actually nearly a full shade lighter than the pics here. Dark pinks do this to my skin as well. 

Sally Hansen is sold at Walgreens, Kmart, Target and Ulta which is where I picked mine up from. Prices vary by $1-2 so I suggest doing a little price comparison shopping if you can.