OPI Week - Schnapps Out of It

Happy Monday all! Welcome to Day one of OPI Week. The idea for this came about as I was re-organizing some of my polish and came across OPI Schnapps Out of It which I had purchased months ago. I thought, "Oh- a new polish!" It led me to think about all the polishes that I haven't swatched or shown on the blog or even worn. So this series was born. I will be doing this with a few other brands, but decided to start off with OPI since this polish was the one that gave me the idea!

Schnapps Out of It is from the 2012 Fall Germany Collection. OPI describes it as mauve. I would describe it as a dusky orange-brown. I was on the fence about getting this one since it's not the kind of color I normally go for. But so many of the swatches I'd seen made me drool so I decided to give it a go. It then languished in one of my nail polish drawers for months. But no matter because it was rediscovered and here it is for your viewing pleasure!

I was really impressed with the formula of Schnapps. It had great coverage and wasn't streaky. I used two coats for the pics, but you may be able to achieve full opacity with just one. My only gripe is that the polish has a beautiful silver shimmer to it in the bottle that doesn't translate to the nail very well. I mean, it's there, but you have to look really closely under direct light to see it.