Matte Metallic Dots

Hi gang! Is it just me or is this week flying by? Last week I used Butter London Cuppa for the final day of 3D Nail Art week. One thing I love about doing my nails and blogging is that it allows me to rediscover polishes that I had either forgotten about or simply didn't give a real chance to. Cuppa is one of those polishes. I haven't worn it in a good long while and I had forgotten how pretty it is.  I was in the mood for something subtle but not boring and so I decided to use Cuppa as a base for some pretty dots! 

I started with two coats of Cuppa. I then added gold dots using NY & Co. Millionaire. I added a coat of SV to dry the polish quickly and once dry I added a coat of Butter London Matte Top Coat. I used a shiny top coat first to prevent the matte polish from dragging or smearing the dots. A helpful trick I learned after many a mani was ruined after adding matte top coat.

I love how subtle this is. And the matte top coat actually really lets the gold pop when my nails hit the light!