Birthday Drip Mani

Hi all, happy Saturday! Today is my birthday!  I wanted to show you guys what I am wearing today in celebration of this momentous and annual event -ha! I was originally going to wear black polish because it's my fave but then I decided I wanted something bright fun and festive. I apologize in advance for the fuzziness some of these pics may have. This color pink is super bright and my camera went a little psycho because of it!

I used two coats of Floss Gloss Perf as my base a very bright yes pastel (?) pink. It is a lot brighter in person. My camera  reads it as a light pink when it is really more like Pepto Bismol pink on steroids.  Love this polish but it is a serious PITA to photograph!  I then used China Glaze It's A Trapeze for the drip effect. 

I wanted my nails to look like frosted cupcakes and I think I succeeded! Now I am off to shop for polish. Because in my opinion, that truly is the most fun thing a girl can do on her b-day!