Beauty and the Beach Contest 2 Entry: Sunset on the Beach

Hi all! Today I have a design to show you that I did for Travel Supermarket's Beauty and the Beach 2 Contest I was nominated to participate by the amazing Victoria at The Manicurator. I was seriously flattered by the fact that she even considered me! My entry is last minute since the contest actually ends today but it took me a few days to decide on what I wanted to do. The rules state to come up with your best vacation design. The most amazing vacation visual I can think of is an amazing sunset over the ocean and so that's what I decided to do!

I used a lot of polishes for this design so I will list them first:

China Glaze Nude (base color)
Avon Tangtastic
Sinful Colors Unicorn
Sally Hansen X-treme Wear White Out
Wet N' Wild Blazed
(these were all used for the sunset)
China Gaze Manhunter
The Balm Sky Blue Right Past You
Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva
American Apparel Hassid

I started by painting all my nails with China Glaze Nude for a nice neutral base. I then used my flat tipped nail art brush and applied Tangtastic, Unicorn, White Out and Blazed in soft strokes to create a blended effect. For the ocean I painted a thick line of Manhunter and then mixed it with Sky Blue Right Past You. I added strokes of White Out to create waves. For the sand I used Godiva. I then added birds using my dotting tool and Hassid.

I'm really happy with how these turned out! They are kind of abstract which I love. This is really making me want to go on a tropical vacation!