3D Nail Art Week - Born Pretty Store Spikes and Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Lick-O-Rich

Happy Monday peeps! Today is the first day of 3D Nail Art Week and today's design is something that I have been wanting to try forevah. Born Pretty Store was kind enough to send me their Cone Nail Art Spikes to review. Spikes are really just an extension of my obsession with studs so I couldn't wait to give these a try. I also finally got my hands on some of the new Sally Hansen Sugar Coats. I'm loving all of the textured polishes that are coming out lately but with the exception of the Nails, Inc Leather Effect Kit there hasn't been a black one released. Kudos to Sally Hansen for remedying this. As much as I loved the Nails, Inc kit I just couldn't justify spending $25 on it just to get the polish. 

I used two thin coats of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Lick-O-Rich and let it dry overnight. It was late when I did my nails and I decided to wait until the morning to apply the spikes. I'm glad I did. I always find that textured polished looks better the day after you apply them. It has completely dried and the texture is more visible. Lick-O-Rich applied like a dream. The formula wasn't thick, which is sometimes an issue with cream textured polishes. I had no issues with bald spots or streakiness either.
In the morning I applied the spikes. I used a small drop of Seche Vite and applied each stud. I tapped down lightly to secure them. I originally thought I would need my tweezers to apply these but I was able to do it just using my fingers. They are small but not unwieldy which was great. I do suggest using nail art glue if you decide to do this design and wear it for any length of time. I am only wearing this around my house right now so I wasn't too concerned. 
I'm a little- okay, a lot- in love with how these turned out. They are simple but really bad ass! The texture and the spikes work really well together. 
Born Pretty Store currently has the spikes on sale for $1.99 for a pack of ten here. They come in silver and gold. If you place an order don't forget to use my code to save 10% off your order, PSL91. And they offer free international shipping on all orders!
Sally Hansen Sugar Coats are available at Walgreens, Target, K-Mart and Ulta. Ulta is currently having a buy 1 get 1 half off on this collection and well as the new fuzzy coats!