3D Nail Art Week and Born Pretty Store Review - Dried Flowers

Press Sample

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Happy Friday all! This weeks seems to have flown by and we are on the final day of 3D Nail Art Week. Today's design features dried flowers that Born Pretty Store sent to me for review. Dried flowers make me think of diaries or old letters and so I decided to do an "antique" design with them that would resemble pressed flowers in a love letter.
I used two coats of Butter London Cuppa as my base color. I'd forgotten what a great neutral base this color is. Once completely dry I used BM Plate 311 and Revlon Hot For Chocolate for the stamping detail. I actually bought the Bundle Monster set specifically for this image and this was my first time using it. Go figure. I layered on a coat of SV and while still wet, I applied the dried flowers using tweezers. The flowers themselves were a bit unwieldy to handle since they are so delicate. I had a bit of shedding with them and had to be extra gentle while applying them. 
The flowers come in a plastic wheel container with twelve colors and two types of flowers to choose from. I personally prefer the small petals just for ease of use. They retail for $4.45 with free international shipping. You can find them here on the Born Pretty Store site. Don't forget to use my promo code PSL91 to receive 10% off your order!