They're Not The Same. They're Similar- Battle of the Pinks

Happy Monday gang! Starting off the week with a new battle! It's been awhile since I've done one of these but it's back with an epic battle: PINK. Until recently I was never really a pink nail polish girl. I like the color but polish-wise I have always been very meh about it. I liked soft pinks, pale pink, milky pinks...but pink pink? Not so much. Over the last few months that has changed and when I was thinking of what the next color battle should be I realized that I actually had a decent collection of pinks to compare.

Photo courtesy of Elsa at Like a Candy Shop

Today's battle participants are American Apparel Angeline, Butter London Snog, Essence Ultimate Pink and Sinful Colors Sugar Rush.

 Let's start off by talking color: I was actually really surprised at how light Sugar Rush was compared to the other colors. In the bottle it looked nearly identical to Ultimate Pink but is actually a full shade lighter on the nail. Snog and Angeline are the closest in color though Snog leans more toward a blue-pink. Angeline is more of a  "hot" pink. The formulas on these could not be more different. UP is very thin and went on quite streaky on the first coat. Snog is thin as well and need three coats for full opacity. It did not however, have any streakiness. Sugar Rush and Angeline were both completely opaque in two coats with no streakiness or thinness to their formulas. Sugar Rush is the thickest of all four and you could probably get away with only one coat.

So who is the winner of this battle? American Apparel Angeline. It has great coverage. Wasn't too thick or too thin and has a great "juicy" pink hue.  If I had to pick a loser I would have to say Essence for it's too thin formula and streak issues. What do you guys think? Do you own any of these colors and if so what is your personal favorite? Stay tuned for the next battle!