Polish Days: Five

Happy Tuesday all! Polish Days is upon us again and this month's theme is "5". Yup that's it. Numero cinco. So...you can imagine the blank spot in my brain when I read this. I mulled it over for some time and then finally got tired of thinking about it so I just tucked it away until last night.  I sat down to do my nails with slight panic since I still had nada in the way of ideas. So I just started Googling the number 5. Don't laugh at me. Google is my friend in moments like this. And it didn't fail me - I decided to go literal with the theme. But with a twist! 

  I decided to do the number 5 on all my nails in various languages! I started by painting my nails with two coats of American Apparel Cotton. I then used my new dual tipped nail art pen in Black from Born Pretty Store to draw on the numbers. On my pink I have the hindi number 5 character, on my ring finger the roman numeral for five, on my middle finger I have the chinese number five character and on my index the Arabic number five character. On my thumb I painted on the English number five. I used my favorite matte top coat by Butter London to mattify the design. 
Though this idea is a bit obvious I am really pleased with how it turned out! I am still in the infancy stages when it comes to painting script or typography on my own nails so I am really happy that it doesn't look like chicken scratch!