Julie G Frosted Gumdrops Collection

Hi all. About a month ago Groupon had a great deal on the Julie G Frosted Gum Drops Collection. I was on the fence about whether to buy it but I saw getting the entire collection for half off as a sign I should! Oh, the way we polish addicts justify our addiction... Swatches and review after the jump.

First up is Hot Cinnamon. This is the one polish in the entire collection. I have never been a huge red polish fan but for some reason this one really caught my eye. I wore this from Friday until Sunday afternoon (which I never do) and was actually sad to take it off. It is a gorgeous red with gold shimmer. The texture only heightens the gold glimmer and in direct sunlight? Whoa! I couldn't stop staring at my nails. I used two coats for the pics. No issues with formula; it applied smoothly and dried fairly quickly. Like most textured polishes this looked better a couple of hours after I had applied it and it had dried completely. 

Tangerine Dream is my least favorite of the collection. The color just does not look great on me. I think it would look great on someone with fairer skin. Formula-wise this was the sheerest of all of the polishes. It did apply fairly smoothly but I needed three coats for full opacity. 

Sugar Rush is the love child of Tangerine Dream and Hot Cinnamon. It is the perfect combo of the gold in HC and the orange tones of TD. It is also a really  good dupe for OPI Jinx from the Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection. I don't have that polish to do a comparison, but Mommy Does Her Nails has a really great comparison post. This one has great gold tones that are more apparent than the one in HC. Again- no issues with formula at all. Applied smoothly; I used two coats for full opacity.

Crushed Candy is a beautiful lavender purple with flecks of silver. This is such a pretty color! And it is universally flattering as well which is awesome. I used two coats for full opacity but I probably could have gotten away with one.

Rock Candy is a really pretty blue-green with silver fleck similar to the flecks in Crushed Candy. I love this color. It was actually the first color of the collection I used. I used in my Couture Nail Art Challenge look here. Application of this one was the same as with the others, though I definitely need two coats for full opacity.

Last up is Blueberry Fizz. This one for was okay. I didn't hate it but I don't really love it either. After Tangerine Dream this one was the sheerest of the bunch. I needed three coats for opacity. 

These were the first polishes I've purchased from Jesse's Girl (who makes the Julie G line) and overall I'm really impressed with the quality. And you can't beat the $3.99 price tag for these! I believe you can get these on the Jesse's Girl site. I also believe these are sold in Rite Aid which we don't have here, but some of you may have access to.