Indie Polish Week: Starlight and Sparkles

Happy Hump day gang! We are already on Day four of Indie Polish Week. Today's post is full of holographic, duochrome, color-shifting deliciousness by Starlight and Sparkles! This post if pic heavy so read and view more after the jump!

Press Sample

So, I have a confession and I hope you all do not judge me too harshly about it: I'm not a huge holographic fan. I can hear the collective gasp through my internet connection. I know, I know...the colors, the glow, the glare. Oh, my! I do like them. I just don't love them like I know so many of my fellow lacquerheads do. So these polish were a bit of a revelation for me. In the sense that I am totally in love with them!

First up are three color-shifting duochrome top coats that I'm kind of a bit obsessed with at the moment. I was orginally going to swatch each individually but I was already wearing them as a skittle and thought they looked so amazing this way. First up is Phoenix (on my index and pinky). It is a gorgeous red that shifts to gold to green. Next (on my ring finger) is Dragon. Dragon is a golden green that shifts to teal and orange in sunlight. Unfortunately I took these pictures when I got home from work and running errands so no direct sunlight to be had. Unicorn (on my middle finger) is my favorite of the trio. It shifts from teal to green to indigo. Pure gorgeousness! I layered all three polishes over American Apparel Hassid. Formula-wise these were a dream to apply. No streakiness, great coverage and dried quickly.

Blaze Crystal is a pale orange linear holo. This applies pretty sheer so I wound up applying three thin coats for the pics. I usually don't love holos in shades ike this since I don't think they do much for my skin tone but I love how soft this is. Again, no formula issues; streaking patchiness or dragging. 

Finally is Starlight. A sheer silver holo meant to be worn as a top coat. The formula on this one was a bit patchy. I layered it over Hassid and needed two and a half coats to even it out. It could be worn alone but would be quite sheer and you would need at least three coats to achieve opacity. 

Starlight and Sparkles is sold on Etsy. Polishe prices range from $8  to $16 depending on finish.