Animal Print Week - Snake Print Nails

Happy almost Friday lovelies! We are on Day 4 of animal print week and in my earnest desire to not do the obvious leopard print mani I have really been playing around loosely with the term "animal print" as evidenced by yesterday's owl nails. Today's mani is a bit more in line with a traditional animal print but with an edge. I have been really wanting to try a snake print mani but didn't have the one item you need for the DIY design: Tulle. But- I did have a really old pair of fishnets that I used to wear back when fishnets were cool and decided to use that instead. 

I started with a base of two coats of Elevation Polish Toubkal. I just got this polish a few days ago and I am so in love with it (swatches to come soon). I then applied a coat of SV to help along the drying process. Once completely dry I took the small piece of fishnet that I cut and pulled it taut over the nail. I then sponged on China Glaze Agro and Wet N' Wild Grammy Gold (my go-to gold of the moment). I topped it off with another coat of SV.

Not too bad for my first try, though I definitely need to perfect my technique. It is a bit of a PITA trying to hold the fabric taught and stretched over the nail while sponging the polish on at the same time. Note to self for next time would be to cut a slightly larger piece since I think this would help remedy that issue. What do you guys think of my snake nails? Have you ever tried this technique yourselves?