Animal Print Week - Metallic Zebra Print

Happy Friday gang! We are on the final day of Animal Print Week and I decided to close it out with something classic- zebra! I was on the fence on whether to do a zebra print since my main goal with this series was to do more "out of the box" prints. But, I figured since I have never actually done a zebra print design it is out of the box for me- ha!

I started with one coat of Nails, Inc. Hampstead Gardens which is one of my all-time favorite polishes. I then used my small detailing brush and painted on the stripes using NY & Co. Millionaire. I varied the lines on each nail to make the patterns more organic. 

I was a bit iffy while doing this. It's one of those designs that you think looks like crap until it's actually finished. Now I love it. It may just be my favorite design on the week. What was your favorite design on this series? Any print that you would like to try that you haven't?