They're Not The Same. They're Similar - Battle of the Neutrals

Hi all! It's time for another battle! I love a good neutral. As much as I love my dark vampies and glitters a decent neutral still makes my heart sing. As a result I own a lot of them. This post is a battle to prove...

Photo courtesy of Elsa at Like a Candy Shop

The contenders (from left to right): Essie Chinchilly, Revlon Graceful, Deborah Lippman Waking Up In Vegas, Essie Miss Fancy Pants and American Apparel Mouse.

For this battle I used base coat but no top coat. I used two coats of each polish with the exception of Chinchilly. Let me start off by saying that I was a bit shocked at just how close some of these are in terms of not only color but formula. Graceful and WUIV are almost identical in terms of not only color but consistency. WUIV is a tad lighter than Graceful. Both are on the thick side. Graceful actually went on much smoother than WUIV did and dried to nice finish while WUIV dried somewhat flat. I don't think you need both of these if you are deciding between the two. If you are I would suggest getting Graceful. Miss Fancy Pants and Mouse are two more that could pass for dupes of one another. They both have a thin consistency. I needed two coats for opaqueness with both. MFP dried shinier and didn't have as many streaks as Mouse did. Between the two I prefer MFP. The oddball in the bunch is Chinchilly. One of Essie's most popular colors the consistency of this polish was thick - though this may simply have been my bottle which I have had a while. It dried darker than all of the other polishes and was the only one that I used only one coat for.

For me this battle is tie between Graceful and Miss Fancy Pants. Both have great formulas and a nice shine to them once dry. Do any of you own one or more of these? If so what is your personal favorite? Stay tuned for more battles!