OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girls Collection Swatches & Review

I picked up the OPI Liquid Sand Bond Girls Collection to show you guys today a couple of weeks ago. I chose my four personal favorites to show you guys (the other two: Jinx and Tiffany Case are up for grabs in my giveaway!). Click on the jump for more pics and to read my review!

First up is Solitaire. A frosted white with small flecks of silver glitter. I am not a fan of frosted polishes. In fact I actually hate them, but this one is absolutely gorgeous. Solitaire applied evenly and dried quickly. I used two coats for the pics but you could getaway with one coat in real life. 
Pussy Galore is a frosted pale pale pink. I think the textured finish helps my aversion to the frosted color. PG applied well though it is thinner than Solitaire so two coats are needed for full opacity. I used two coats for the pics. 
Honey Ryder is my favorite of this collection. I love gold polishes and this one dries to a fabulous foil-like finish. The formula is on the thick side but applies evenly. If you decide to do two coats I definitely recommend waiting for the first coat to dry completely to avoid dragging. 
Last up is Vesper. I really wanted to like this one but it just isn't quite right. The dark plum vampy color is gorgeous but the black glitter gets completely lost (it isn't visible at all in the bottle) once the polish dries. The formula is thin and streaky and does not apply evenly like the other colors in the collection. I don't hate this color but I don't think I would ever reach for it again so it's kind of a bust for me. I used two coats for the pics.
OPI has improved the Liquid Sand formulas by leaps and bounds with this collection compared to the Mariah Carey Liquid Sands, which I admit I was underwhelmed by. I decided to do a quick comparison between Vesper and the first dark vampy Liquid Sand, Stay the Night. 

Stay the Night took forever to dry (am I the only one who experienced this?) and you can still see some wet patches on my middle and pinky fingers. It was also even more sheer and streaky than Vesper was and even with two coats wasn't completely opaque. Despite Vesper's shortcoming between the two it was the easier to work with and the texture payoff was much better. 
Overall, I really like this collection. I like that OPI is improving the Liquid Sand formulas and colors. Which of the OPI Bond Girls colors are you interested in? And if you are loving Tiffany Case and Jinx don't forget to enter my giveaway which ends Friday!