March Haul

Happy Monday guys. I am a little late with my haul post for last month and I wound up having to just do a list without pics. I've just been so busy lately that I never got around to it. Sorry gang. Promise to definitely take pics for April. I have posted links to the polishes that I've swatched. March's haul list has a few hold-overs from February that hadn't arrived in time for the February Haul post. 

China Glaze Texture - Unrefined and Itty Bitty & Gritty

China Glaze Hologram - OMG a UFO and Cosmic Dust

China Glaze - Mimosas Before Manis

China Glaze Bitz n' Pieces - Mosaic Madness

OPI - Skulls & Glossbones

Milani Texture - Spoiled in Fuchsia, Yellow Mark, Shady Gray and Aqua Splash

The Balm Hot Ticket - I Take My Coffee Matte Black,  Hella Yella, Sky Blue Right Past You and Jade in the USA

Sinful Colors - Sugar Rush, Mint Green, Unicorn, Starfish, Irish Green and Green Ocean

Essence - You Belong To Me

American Apparel - Hassid, Office, Cotton, Butter, The Valley

Amy's Nail Boutique - Love Stinks

D and R Apothecary - On Angels Wings and Forest of Feelings

Bondi New York - Midnight Mystery     Press Sample

Deborah Lippmann - Good Girl Gone Bad

Daring Digits - I Love Rock n' Roll, Like A Virgin, Call Me

Pahlish - Partridge In a PearTree, Coney Island Queen, Five Rings

Floss Gloss - Perf, Stun, Glowstar and Tan Lines

Avon Suede - Touch of Taupe and Sumptuous Rose

Barry M - Ridley Road

Contrary Polish - Hayride and Feels Like Home

Model City - Dipping Chocolate

Franken Femme - No name franken

Ruby Wing - Poppy and Cut Grass

LynBDesigns - Cera and Faerie Green

And I feel like I'm forgetting something...this is going to bug me...