Chevron Print and Kelly Green Skittle

Hi all! I was so excited - we had two whole days of Spring! And now it's forty degrees again. I really want spring to beat winter down once and for all. Just send it packin'. As it stands now winter is winning this battle.  I feel like all I do is complain about the weather lately like an old biddy...

On to the nails! This design was inspired by this Polyvore look I saw on Pinterest. It combines two of my favorite things - stripes and green!

I put a twist on the design and did a chevron pattern (to match my new blog background!). I painted my index and rings fingers with two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and let dry completely. I used Revlon Posh on my pinky,middle finger and thumb. I applied the striping tape in a v-pattern and painted over them with The Balm I Take My Coffee Matte Black. I removed the tape while the polish was still wet. I had a few boo boos during removal and a bit of bleeding but I was just too tired to fix it. Striping tape designs always so cool looking , but it is definitely a PITA  to work with at times.