Polish Days - Vintage

Hi all! It's that time again- Polish Days! March's theme is Vintage. I got so excited when I found out what this month's theme was going to be. It's a great theme in general, but I was excited because I had recently acquired a nail art decoration that I knew would be perfect for it!

I found these awesome 3D acrylis roses on eBay for around $4. They have a great vintage retro look to them, which is why I thought they would be perfect for this challenge. I wanted to keep the overall design simple and so I stuck with neutral colors to compliment the rose. 

I started with two coats of Butter London Cuppa. I used a coat of SV to dry my nails quickly and then used BM Plate 310 and Revlon Hot for Chocolate for the lattice detailing. I then used another  coat of SV and applied the rose to my ring finger. The SV smeared the stamp design a bit unfortunately. I think I was just to impatient about waiting for the design to dry a bit more. 

I don't know how long this rose will last on my nail! I didn't use nail glue so we'll see how it goes- ha!