OPI Great and Powerful Oz Collection: Lights of Emerald City, When Monkeys Fly,What Wizardry Is This?

Hi all! Today I have three colors from the OPI Great and Powerful Oz Collection to show you. I was a bit taken aback when the press release for this collection came out and it was a Soft Shades Collection. When I think of Wizard of Oz I think of greens and yellows and just color in general. I was underwhelmed by the soft shades themselves as I feel like we've seen them before, but I was intrigues by the three standouts. 

First up is Lights of Emerald City. This is a clear jelly base with small iridescent square glitter and matte white square glitter. The formula of this one is thick. The consistency makes it hard to actually get the white glitter onto the nail. A lot of glitter fishing with this one. But it's very pretty so I think it's worth it. This is one 1 1/2 coats over 2 coats of Essie Real Simple.

When Monkeys Flys is the one-off in the collection and also the most controversial. There has been a lot of talk in the blogosphere about "taco-ing" (curled) glitter in the polish. That is generally no bueno when it comes to glitter polishes. And yes, the gold glitter in this polish does in fact "taco". But I still like it! It's such a unique combination that despite it's obvious shortcomings it's still pretty. No fishing at all on this and the clear jelly base isn't as thick as LOEC. I used once coat over two coats of China Glaze Nude.

Last but not least is the Liquid Sand of the collection, What Wizardry Is This? This is the most wearable Liquid Sand OPI has come out with in my opinion. It is a gorgeous shimmery dark copper brown. The formula isn't chunky or thick. OPI advises not using base coat when applying Liquid Sand but I always use base coat. I decided to do a small comparison test and didn't apply any to my pinky. I found that the finish is more sheer without it. And the polish dries to an almost "frosted" matte finish which I don't like. I used two coats and no top coat for this pics. I also want to note that the finish becomes more matte as the nail continue to dry. I am now about an hour out after applying and it is even more matte. Very pretty!

Of the three When Monkeys Fly and What Wizardry Is This are my favorites! Will you be picking up any polishes from this collection? And if so, which ones?