Milani Texture Collection: Spoiled in Fuchsia, Yellow Mark, Shady Gray and Aqua Splash

Hi all, happy Monday! I don't know about the rest of you but I have become a bit obsessed with textured polishes. It seems that everyone is coming out with their own versions of this trend and have felt compelled to try them all. The glitter textures have been hit or miss for me but I have fallen in love with the new cream textures that have been coming out. Milani recently released their line of brightly colored cream textures and I picked up for of the six to try out. All I can say is that I'm in love! Read on after the jump for more pics and my review!

First up is Spoiled in Fuchsia, a punchy hot pink. The formula on this one is a bit thick but has great coverage. The other cream textures I have recently tried have been a bit thin and patchy but I was able to achieve full and even coverage with one and a half coats. 

Yellow Mark is a neon yellow. I am one of those weird people who really likes yellow polish so this is one of my faves in this collection. This formula was thinner than the others, but I had no issues with patches or streaks. I used two full coats for the pics.

Next up is Aqua Splash. This was the sore thumb of the collection for me. It didn't dry quite as matte as the others did and the formula was very thick. I used one coat for the pics and it still looked a bit thick on my nails to me. I kind of wish that Milani had done a bright green instead of this shade of blue. 

Last but not least is Shady Gray. I love this color!  It's a bit of a one-off in a collection full of bright summer neons but it is just so gorgeous I don't mind. The formula was fantastic. One coat and I had full coverage. This color will wear great into next fall and winter.

Overall I am really pleased with this collection. The formulas are by far the best I've tried so far and the colors are great for summer. My two faves so far are Yellow Mark and Shady Gray, and I am seriously tempted to pick up the other two colors in the collection. What do you all think of this collection? Any colors that are must-haves for you?