Farewell, Google Reader

Hey guys! When Google announced last week that they were doing away with Google Reader come July 1st, there seemed to be a panic across the blogosphere. There was a lot of confusion about what it meant not only for us bloggers but for you our readers as well. I admit that I myself was puzzled. I didn't know what it meant since I myself have never used Google Reader. After finding the answers for my questions via other bloggers and Google I now know that there is no need to panic. You can still follow me and find my blog and it's super easy to do so! 

If you follow me via Google Friend Connect (GFC) the elimination of Google Reader will not affect you. You can use blogger.com to keep up with posts! 

You can also follow me via




Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/ameerah26/valiantly-varnished/

Twitter https://twitter.com/ValiantlyVarn