Coral and Nude Skittles

A wise woman once said, "When in doubt, do a skittle." Okay, not really but it is great advice just the same! I have been slacking in the nail art department lately. One because I have so many new polishes that I wanted to swatch on their own for you guys, but also because I have serious creativity block right now. Well- not even a block so much as too many ideas to choose from so I don't pick anything. Last night I sat myself down and forced myself to pick an idea. I love nude or neutrals with bright colors and I wanted to look down at my nails and see something bright and cheery. 

I started by painting all of my nails with Butter London Fiver. I painted my thumbs with Essie E-Nuf is E-Nuf. I also used it as my accent color on all the other nails. For my middle finger I used striping tape, for the ring finger I did a gradient using both colors and a makeup sponge. For my index finger I used BM Plate 312. This was my first time using this image and I love it! It's so abstract and cool. 

I'm really loving this color combo. It makes me long for Spring. But nope- five inches of snow is what we will be getting instead. Booo!!