Chick Polish All A Twitter and Hen House

Chick Polish is one of those brands that I've seen on blags a bunch of times and kept meaning to order and just never did. Last week I came across yet another blog post featuring the indie brand and finally decided to order a few. 

All A Twitter is a bright and beautiful mint green. I wore this to the dentist last Friday and got so many compiments. Even my Oral Surgeon- who is a man- commented on it. I have an addiction to mint green polishes and feel the need to own pretty much every single one that crosses my path. This one has taken the place of my longtime fave mint green. The formula is awesome. Even coverage with no streaks. I used two coats for the pics.

Hen House is a bit of an enigma color-wise. In certain light it leans toward purple-plum and in other light it looks like a dark brown-red. I love it! Again, the formula was amazing. The first coat was a bit semi-sheer but achieves full opacity with two coats.

I am really impressed with Chick Polish. The colors are great and the formulas are as well. When I ordered, Julie, the owner of the brand, wrote a nice little note on my receipt. I love personal touches like that. Bottles retail for $8 ,are Big 3 Free and can be purchased here.