A-England St. George

Hi all - happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I finally got my tooth pulled on Friday so I spent the weekend convalescing and eating Jello. I wasn't allowed to eat solid foods for three days after oral surgery. It's amazing how many  commercials about food comes across your TV screen when you can't eat. I was literally having dreams about potato chips,sandwiches and chicken...hmmm. Today is my first day back on solid foods and I came out like gangbusters. I tore into a bacon and egg sandwich like a boss. Three cheers for solids!

 I didn't know if I would have the energy but I managed to get some swatching done yesterday while hopped on my pain meds-lol! I got A-England St. George in the mail earlier last week and have been so excited to finally to get to try it out. This has been on my wish list forever. Check out this pic heavy post after the jump!

A-England St. George is from the Legends Collection and is a stunning teal green holo. Green is my favorite color and I love teal polishes so this polish is perfection for me. The holo effect if subtle in this polish but is visible in direct light. The formula leans a little toward thick but it wasn't unmanageable or difficult to apply. I used two coats for the pics. This polish was so hard to photograph! I took around 30 photos and still don't feel like I've quite captured the beauty of this polish. 

I was feeling slightly ambitious in my pain killer stupor and decided to add an accent nail. I used BM plate 309 and Essie Good As Gold.