New York & Company Nail Color- Inverness,Saturn Sunset, Millionaire and Velvet Vino

Hi lovelies, happy Saturday! Today I have for your viewing pleasure NY & Co. Nail Color. It seems like every store known to man now has their own nail polish line. A friend of mine told me she even spied nail polish at The Gap! I was intrigued by the NY & Co. polish line colors so I grabbed a few to try it out. Read my full review and more pics after the jump!

First up is Inverness, a dusky tea green cream. This polish actually reads more green in the bottle than it does on which I was a bit disappointed by. Luckily I love teal polish so it was too big of a let down. The formula is very thin and a bit runny, but I was able to achieve full opacity with two coats. Despite being thin I didn't have a ton of streaking or bald spots with this polish. And the finish was really shiny. I didn't use any top coat for the pics.
Next is Saturn Sunset. This was probably the one of the four that I was most "meh" about in the bottle. The finish seemed very metallic which I wasn't a huge fan of. On the nail it reads more shimmery. Again, the formula was very thin and runny. I did have some streaking with this one, but still achieved opacity with two coats. I used no top coat for the pics so you can see it's actual finish.
Millionaire is a light gold metallic with a foil finish. I thought this polish would be a great dupe for Essie Good As Gold. I applied both just to check and the colors are pretty much identical except that the finish on Good As Gold was smoother with fewer visible brush strokes. Millionaire even applies like Good As Gold. You have to let the first coat dry before applying the second to avoid any dragging or lumps. Formula was a nice consistency as well. I used two coats and no top coat. I think this polish is a great cheaper alternative to Good As Gold
Last is Velvet Vino. This polish had the same thin and runny issues that Inverness and Saturn Sunset have. Despite this I  like this polish. I feel like it wants to be a jelly when it grows up but doesn't know how. It applies semi-sheer on the first coat and I wound up using 3 thin layers for opacity.I did have issues with streaking and bald spots, but I think it would make a great layering vamp color. This is 3 coats with no top coats.
Overall this isn't a bad polish line. I think there is definitely room for improvement formula-wise but I like the color selection. NY & Co. polish is sold in stores and online. They retail for $5.95 or 2 for $10.