McQueen Day 7 - Pink, Blue and Purple Stripes

It's the final day of my McQueen Challenge! I am half sad and half happy about this. I found myself running out of ideas towards the end! Today's design is simple but fun. I really love this McQueen design and the combination of colors is pure fabulocity.

I was originally going to use striping tape for this design but I just didn't have the patience for it today. Instead I painted one half of my nail with Sations Midnight Blue and the other half with Savina Purple Pansy. I then painted a thin line down the center of my nail with American Apparel Angeline. I wish Purple Pansy didn't dry as dark as it did. In the bottle it's a neon purple. You can still see the difference between Purple Pansy and Midnight Blue but it's more subtle. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this challenge! I am already thinking up news ones to try. A Valentine's Day Challenge anyone?