McQueen Challenge Day 3 - Tie Dye Drag Mani and IHeartPrettyPolish Guest Post!

Hi again! It's a double post day for me! Today is day 3 of my McQueen Challenge and I have to admit that I was dreading this one a bit. Not because of the dress which I think is gorgeous and fun and colorful, but because of the technique I knew I would have to do to replicate this. Now, I could have done a gradient, sure, but I felt that wouldn't have exactly been a challenge for me. I wanted to wrestle a technique that has been taunting me for awhile.The drag marble technique is my arch nemesis. We have never gotten along and at times we have downright hated each other. I felt that now was a perfect time to make peace. Or at least call a truce. Plus, I discovered a little secret about my nemesis that made this mani so much easier than my last drag disasticure. You don't use a needle! I used the pointy end of an orange stick. Muwhhhaaaa. In your face drag marble! 

I used a lot of colors for this design. I started with a base of Essence Ultimate Pink. Once that was somewhat dry, starting from the base of the nail I added more drops of Ultimate Pink along with Savina Purple Pansy, China Glaze Secret Per-iwinkle, Revlon Posh, Savina You're My Sunshine and Essence Off to Miami. I used the pointy end of an orange stick to drag the polish and create a tie-dye effect.

So, have I conquered the drag marble? Not exactly. But I have climbed the mountain and am almost there. I will beat you drag marble! I will!

In other news I am doing a guest post for the awesome Essie Rae at IHeartPrettyPolish so please click the link and check it out!